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Bing-Yan Lu.

Wilbur Bing-Yan Lu

Professor, Department of Public Administration,

National Dong Hwa University (Feb. 2002 to present)

PhD, University of Wales College of Cardiff (UWCC, Cardiff University) (1999-2001).

MPA (Master of Public Administration), The George Washington University (1990-1992).

BA, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University (1982-1986)

Major Research Fields:

Public Policy; Policy Marketing; Non-Profit Marketing; Maritime Policy.


Bing-Yan Lu, 2016. Public Policy and Democratic Governance: Multiple Streams Analysis for Taiwan’s Land Expropriation Case Study (2010-2016), Taipei City, Taiwan: Wu-Nan. (249 pages)

ISBN 978-957-11-8951-2

Bing-Yan Lu, 2014. Who Is in Charge? Advocacy Coalition Framework for Su-Hua Highway Policy Change (1990-2014), Taipei City, Taiwan: Wu-Nan. (296 pages) ISBN 978-957-11-7677-2

Bing-Yan Lu, 2012. The Price of Public Interests: Theories and Practices of Non-Profit Marketing, New Taipei City, Taiwan: Weber Publication International Ltd. (370 pages)

Bing-Yan Lu, 2007. Research on Public Policy Marketing: Dialogues between Theoretical Foundations and Pragmatic Cases, Taipei County, Taiwan: Weber Publication. (294 pages)

Book Review

Lu, Bing-Yan, 2009. “Strategic Issues Management: Organizations and Public Policy Challenges”, Journal of Public Administration, 32: 171-177. (Heath, Robert L. Heath and Michael J. Palenchar, 2009. Strategic Issues Management: Organizations and Public Policy Challenges, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.)

Book Chapters

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, March 2015. “The Power of Influencing Policies, or Getting Their Share and More: Interest Groups in Taiwan”, in Kuo, Yu-Ying (ed.), Policy Analysis in Taiwan, pp. 95-110, Bristol, UK: Policy Press. ISBN 978-1-44730-830-0

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, May 2014. “The Media Power of Manufacturing Policies: The Policymaking Process of Su Hwa Highway in Taiwan”, in So, Bennis Wai Yip and Yuang-Kuang Kao (eds.), The Changing Policy-Making Process in Greater China: Case Research from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, pp. 137-154, Oxon, UK: Routledge.   ISBN 978-0-415-71130-2

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, Feb. 2009. “Taiwan’s National Legislature: the Legislative Yuan (1949-2008)”, in Porsche-Ludwig, Markus and Chin-Peng Chu (eds.), The Political System of Taiwan, pp. 130-157, Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft.  ISBN 978-3-8329-3863-5

Journal Papers (Selected)

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, December 2015. “Why Do Policy Brokers Matter? A Lesson for Competing Advocacy Coalitions”, Journal of Administrative Sciences and Policy Studies, 3(2): 33-51.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, and Yi-Chung Hsu, May 2013. “Achieving Values through Governance as Pattern of Power-Sharing: Challenges of Taroko’s Public Leadership”, Open Public Administration Review, 25: 83-118.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2012. “From Policy Implementation to Network Governance: A Governance Interdependence Perspective in the 21st Century”, Forum on Training and Development (Regional Civil Service, Development Institute, D.G.P.A., The Executive Yuan), 139: 14-23.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, and Pei-Yi Lin, 2012. “National Palace Museum’s Marketing Strategy; A Chinese Tourist Perspective”, The Third Sector Journal.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2011. “Issue-Centered and Policy-Focused: Is It Marketing Policy or Policy Marketing”, Teaching & Development (National Academy of Civil Service), 132: 1-21.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2011. “Promoting the Beauty of Taiwan as the Top 7 of the World: A National Park Perspective”, Teaching & Development (National Academy of Civil Service), 111: 1-23.

Chiu, Rong-Her, Taih-Cherng Lirn, Chia-Yi Li, Bing-Yan Lu, and Kuo-Chung Shang, 2011. “An Evaluation of Free Trade Port Zone in Taiwan”, The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, 27(3): 1-19. (South Korea SSCI Journal, The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics is indexed in the Elsevier and the Scopus Databases)

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, and Pei-Yi Lin, 2011. “A Case Study of National Palace Museum’s Directors, Their Roles, and Their Marketing Strategy”, Soochow Journal of Political Science, 29(1): 179-263.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2010. “A Study of Policy Entrepreneurs’ Setting Policy Conflicts”, Journal of Civil Service, 2(3): 151-181.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, Yuen-Hsiu Lin, and Shuo-Wen Wu, 2010. “From Policy Argument to Policy Discourse: A Case Study of Taiwan’s B&B Policy”, The Chinese Administration Journal (National Chengchi University Centre for Public & Business Administration), 81: 1-22.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2009. “Agenda Setting and Alternative Choices of Su-Hwa Highway Decision-Making: A Multiple Streams Perspective”, Soochow Journal of Political Science, 27(4): 171-240.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2009. “The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in the Policy Marketing Process”, Journal of Civil Service, 1(3): 125-158.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2007, “An Analysis of Taiwan’s Free Port Policy Process: A Policy Advocacy Coalition Perspective”, Social Science Review, 1(1): 95-124.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, and Yung-Ming Chang, 2006. “A Study on the Framework of Policy Advocacy Coalition: The Case of Su-Hua Highway”, Taiwanese Journal of Political Science, 30: 131-164.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2006. “An Advocacy Coalition Approach to Change in Taiwan’s Government Restructuring (1990-2005)”, The Chinese Public Administration Review, 15(4): 119-146.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2003. “Policy Legitimation and Policy Networks: A Case Study of Taiwan’s Free Port Policy”, Socioeconomic Law and Institution Review, 32: 161-210.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2003. “Taiwan’s Industrial Ports Transformation Policy—An Application of Policy Networks and Policy Change Theory”, Socioeconomic Law and Institution Review, 19: 255-296.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2003. “Inter-Governmental Fiscal Relationship: A Legal Perspective”, Chinese Public Administration Review, 12(3): 179-206.

Conference Papers (Selected)

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, March 18-22, 2016. How Policy Brokers’ Ideology and Policy Values Changed Policymaking: Auxiliary and Principal Coalitions of A Land Expropriation Case in Taiwan, 2016 Annual Conference of ASPA (American Society for Public Administration), Seattle, Washington: ASPA.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, 2015/06/13-18. Choosing the Right Enviro-preneurial Marketing Strategy: Why Taiwan’s Free Economic Pilot Zones Fail, The 21th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM 2015): Understanding and Adapting to Change, Charleston, South Carolina, USA: College of Charleston.

Lu, Bing-Yan, 2014/06/29-07/01. Why Do Policy Brokers Matter? A Case Study of Taiwan’s Su-Hwa Highway Policymaking Process (1990-2017)Public Management Research Conference (PMRC 2014): When Policy Meets Administration: Eastern and Western Voices, Seoul, South Korea: Seoul National University.

Lu, Bing-Yan, 2014/06/08-13. Getting Started in Collaborative Stakeholder Management and Policy Entrepreneurs: A Lesson for Taiwan’s Civic EnvironmentalismThe 20th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM 2014): Challenges of Urban and Rural Transformation, Hannover, Germany: Leibniz University.

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, and Yi-Chung Hsu, March 2-6, 2012. A New Vision Building for  Taiwan’s Taroko National Park: Outstanding Remarkable Values and  Indicator-Based Framework2012 Annual Conference of ASPA (American Society for Public Administration, ASPA), Las Vegas, Nevada: American Society for Public Administration .

Lu, Wilbur Bing-Yan, Yi-Chung Hsu, and Ying-Hung Li, June 14-17, 2011. To Welcome or Not to Welcome the Chinese Visitors: Innovation and Challenges of Taroko’s Public Leadership, International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia: ISSRM.

Bing-Yan Lu, 19-20 August, 2009. From ‘the Best Job’ to ‘the Seven Wonders’ in the World: Public Sector Marketing of Taiwan’s Yu-Shan National Park Headquarters, the Fifth Cross-Strait Conference on Public Administration, Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong.

Shang, Kuo-Chung and Bing-Yan Lu, 24-26 June, 2009. Evaluating Key Capabilities for Forwarder-based 3PL Firms in Taiwan, International Association for Maritime Economists (IAME) 2009 Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark: IAME and Copenhagen Business School.

Bing-Yan Lu, 25 March 2007. Working Across Boundaries: Inter-Organizational Collaboration of Taiwan’s Free Port Policy, American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) 2007 Conference (23 –27 March), Washington D.C.: American Society for Public Administration.

Bing-Yan Lu, 2006/05/29-30. A Public Manager Dilemma of Taiwan’s Free Port Policy: The Declining Port of Kaohsiung Versus A Rising Shanghai, Comparison and Vision for Cross-Strait Development Models International Conference, Taipei, Taiwan: Social Sciences College of Chengchi University.



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