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About this Department
The past story of the department


        Department of Public Administration at NDHU was officially established on August 1, 2013, and then it began to enroll new university students. Presently, the educational system includes ungraduate, postgraduate, and in-service master.
        Before 1994, when the school was first established, the school has already established a MA credit course in Public Administration. In 1995, it began to recruit students who are mainly the basic level of public servants (including central and local governments). The students are mainly from Hualien and some from Taitung, Yilan, Taipei, Keelung and other regions. In 1999, approved by the Ministry of Education, in-service master was set up, the school officially granted the students who met the requirements a master's degree in law.
         Since 1991, the school has added the Institute of Public Administration, which is divided into two groups: the Public Administration and Policy Division of this institute, the Chinese Mainland Division of this institute ( transformed by the Institute of China Research and merged into it ).
         The school has established Mainland China Research Center since 1994. In the second school meeting of the second semester of 2000, the school passed the transformation project that Mainland China Research Center will be transformed and divided into two groups since 2001. They each focus on China financial law, China and the relationship between China and Taiwan. Since 2002, the Institute of China Research has been integrated into the Institute of Public Administration. In addition, the Institute of China Research was been renamed and established the Institute of financial law by the regulation of the Ministry of Education. Therefore, the establishment of Department of Public Administration is partly inherited from Mainland China Research Center.


The characteristics and advantages of department of public administration

Research areas and characteristics of the department

         The core idea of the department of Public Administration is to train the personnel of the national public administration. We hope to train the students becoming the leaders and the academic researchers that fit all the requirements of the public and private sectors by learning the theories and practices of public governance.
        We focus on the basic theoretical study of public administration, combining the practical training courses; we also encourage multidisciplinary learning, it helps students to strengthen their professional knowledge, to expand their visual field and humanistic concerns.
         Through the mutual integration and support of teaching and research, we hope to cultivate outstanding public affairs talents with both theoretical and practical abilities and having local and international perspectives.

Special advantages of the department

         Teachers of this department have been researched for a long time in academic studies such as national theory, public governance, sustainable development, and international affairs; as well, they have made outstanding contributions in various fields.

         Their academic performance is come out on top in NDHU, comparing it with the similar faculties in other universities in Taiwan; it is also ranked within 10%.

         In addition to good curriculum design and advanced teaching research equipments, we also maintains very close academic cooperation with many universities abroad, regularly holds medium and large scale international academic seminars. We continue to give courses and hold visiting that emphasizing local connection and social practice, providing students with a diverse and rich learning environment.