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Introduction Main idea


    Four main research characteristics of the Public Administration Institute are follows. Interdisciplinary integration of social sciences and humanities is one of the research characteristics. Core courses of public administration professional knowledge are composed of policy knowledge utilization, planning ability of policy decision-making, policy formulation and policy evaluation, as well as research methodology of policy studies. To concern about ethnic and environmental issues, one of this institute's research focal points is to investigate, from policy planning and implementation perspectives, on ethnic and environmental issues due to economic development. Meanwhile, this institute encourages staff members to propose related research programs and submit to the National Science Council. Besides research programs, the institute also tries to connect research results with teaching-oriented course design and teaching-research functions from the cooperation of public and private institutions.
  Areas of specialization of this institute's staff members focus on interdisciplinary public policy studies. The integration with other social science fields such as laws, economics, sociology and management science is also a general objective of the institute's teaching direction: first of all, Mainland China's political, social-economic and legal studies, as well as regional integration and cross-strait integration research; secondly, new public management research and other policy issues such as government re-inventing, national health services, national annuity schemes and privatization of state-owned-enterprises; and thirdly, researches on fiscal policy of the central government and local public finance.